The ancient tradition of drinking tea is well-known for its diverse range of health benefits. In many cultures around the world, tea is thought to be a cleansing brew that prevents illness and improves overall wellbeing. In countries where tea originated – such as China and India – tea is consumed daily, and is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

Tea is often known for having a lower caffeine level than coffee, and containing large amounts of antioxidants and other detoxing abilities. However each type of tea leaf or tea blend possesses its own qualities that assist inner health in different ways.

Here are five benefits of drinking tea that you may not have heard of before:

1.    Tea is an anti-inflammatory. Active compounds in tea – particularly those found in green teas – can help lower levels of inflammation, which in turn helps protect your body from more serious ailments such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease and depression.

Our green tea suggestion:
China Lung Ching: from the southeastern Chinese province of Zhejiang, this tea leaf is characterised by a long, flat leaf and a fresh flowery taste with a hint of nut.

2.    Drinking tea can help with weight loss. A current trend that has been gaining commercial momentum is the promotion of different tea blends that aid weight loss or body slimming. Although these ‘modern’ teas have been modified to help people burn extra body fat, tea has always been an effective way to maintain a healthy weight and body figure.

This is achieved through a combination of factors such as the presence of caffeine which can help burn fat, and the large amounts of antioxidants in tea that boost metabolism and break down unhealthy fats in the body. Although there is no immediate solution for weight loss, or a product to replace a healthy and balanced diet, tea can help restore and support the natural processes of your body that help release more energy and keep you in shape.

Our tea suggestion for that extra antioxidant kick: Rooibos Bourbon Vanilla: a traditional South African tea that contains no caffeine but is high in anti-oxidants. Perfect for a sweet evening brew.


3.    Tea is hydrating! Despite containing caffeine, tea is very hydrating to the body. Some cultures even trust tea as a ‘hangover cure’ for its ability to rehydrate and energise the body. A study by the Daily Mail in 2011 found that drinking 4-6 mugs of black tea per day (without sugar) resulted in the same hydration levels as 1 litre of water.

Our tea suggestion for a refreshing and hydrating brew: Raspberry Fruit Tisane: a blend of fruit pieces, hibiscus, blackberry leaves, rosehip and orange peel, this tasty blend can be made into a delicious iced tea for those hot summer afternoons at the beach.


4.    Tea is good for your teeth: Japanese researchers have found that unlike many other beverages, tea does not erode tooth enamel and can actually prevent cavities by changing the pH levels in your mouth as you’re sipping on your favourite brew.

Our tea suggestion: Assam Mangalam: a strong, malty black tea that tastes perfect early in the morning and can be served with or without milk.

5.    Tea soothes the digestive system: nausea, cramps or an irritable bowel? Herbal teas such as chamomile, and ginger can help calm your stomach and aid digestion. Next time you’re feeling guilty after a night out or a large meal, try a herbal blend to help restore some inner health.


Our tea suggestion: Organic Ginger Lemon: A blend of organic ginger pieces, lemongrass, lemon peel, spearmint, and liquorice root to help soothe the stomach and coincidentally, fight off any flu-like symptoms.

Written by Jess Mackay.