Paradox Coffee Roasters will host a nostalgia event on the 18th of June bringing the best of Manchester in the 1990’s to The 4217 Urban Village.

‘Manchester in the 90’s’ will be the first in a series of events called ‘Changing Face’ that will throw back to some of the most historic moments in time.

Event Organiser Emma Grech says the event will be a fun fusion of music, fashion and community collaboration.

Manchester in the 90s was the birth of what is labeled the ‘Madchester’ era. An array of alternative and psychedelic rock emerged during this time with the movement into early house and electronic tunes.

Guests will enter Paradox Coffee Roasters which will be styled similarly to that of The Haçienda – A nightclub in Manchester that was home of great music and culture. 

Guests will also be given the opportunity to shop for true vintage clothing and vinyls that have been specifically sourced from the 90s and the UK.

Tickets can be purchased for $10 at Paradox Coffee Roasters or online